It all started with a simple cup.

We are a family-driven, artistic ventured, creative dream making, small business. Specializing in making custom stainless steel tumblers and more. If you have a creative want to bring something to life we would love to help you.

I know $35 seems like a lot. You work hard for that money and sometimes you want to treat yourself. But why would you pay $30+ for a customized cup and add shipping when you could just go grab a tumbler off the shelf at Walmart for $10 or less?

So, why? Why should you trust me with your hard earned money?

Here’s the deal… when you place an order with me, you’re not just a dollar sign or an address on a shipping label. Your input matters to me. I want to work with you to

create something that you love and will last you for years to come… the idea seems silly, but it’s true. I put pride in my work and want each person who receives an item from me to be excited and in love with it. I want you to WANT to show it off, tell your friends about it, and tell them that I made it… not so I get more business, but so that I have the satisfaction of knowing I did a great job and made my customer happy.

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Contact Name: Kayla Chapa


Phone: 361-229-3394

Booth# 114

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