Welcome to Artisan & Crafter Markets!

In order to have a successful event of this size there are certain Rules every vendor must adhere to. Please read carefully and ask questions, if necessary. In Order To Participate In Artisan & Crafter Markets, All Vendors Agree To The Rules For Artisan & Crafter Markets “Rain Or Shine” – We Do Not Cancel Or Reschedule Market Days

Artisan & Crafter Markets reserves the right to refuse to rent to or remove any vendor, at any time for any violation of the rules set forth in the current year’s rules regarding Artisan & Crafter Markets.

In consideration of the use of one or more spaces by the vendor participating in Artisan & Crafter Markets, the vendor agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Artisan & Crafter Markets, it’s owner, officers, agents, employees, and members from and against all liabilities, claims, suits, or demands for injuries to any person and/or property arising out of the vendor’s participation in such activity. The vendor further agrees to assume all financial responsibility, including but not limited to, damages to property or injuries to persons, arising out of vendor’s participation in Rockport Fulton Market Days.

NO VENDOR shall sell any illegal item or items that infringe upon registered trademarks.

All vendors must complete this application; sign the release, indemnification agreement and rules of the application. Payment constitutes your signature. You must notify Artisan & Crafter Markets if any of your information changes. Applications, payment of fees and applicable permits must be given to Artisan & Crafter Markets BEFORE you set up.

ACM Texas is a rain or shine market, we do not refund your booth fee if you decide not to show up to a market WE have not canceled.

The State Comptroller of Public Accounts requires you to have a sales tax number and to pay sales tax. Be sure to include your number on the application and a copy of your permit for our files. If you have any questions about sales tax, call the Texas State Comptroller at 800-252- 5555 or visit their website at https://mycpa.cpa.state.tx.us/securitymp1portal/displayLoginUser.do.

It is the responsibility of the vendor to collect and report sales tax from Market Days sales.

Electricity will be offered with a charge of $15 for Booth Electricity and $30 extra if you need it for an RV only, which is payable in addition to your space fee. If payment for electricity is being made the day of the show, it must be paid no later than 9 am. Limited electricity is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Electrical outlets are not available to all spaces. You must bring your own heavy-duty extension cord. CORDS ACROSS CONCRETE WALKWAYS MUST BE TAPED DOWN (YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN TAPE). Do not overload outlets; do not use more than normally used on one household outlet. Coffee pots, heaters or other appliances that pull a large number of amps are not allowed.

Please note: Generators will be considered for ultra quiet generators.

All reserved spaces are measured out from boundary line to boundary line. If there are questions, contact an on-site representative BEFORE YOU SET-UP. If there are problems, you will need to take down and move to the correct area. Please be respectful of your 10’ X 10’ space and those around you.

Vendors must sell out of their space only. Any soliciting outside of your booth space is not permitted. You may not sublet your space. All reservations must be handled through Artisan & Crafter Markets. Any vendor who does not respect this rule will be denied vending privileges at future events.

We advertise that vendors are doing business between 9 am to 4 pm Friday & Saturday for Rockport and 9 am to 4 pm  Saturday for Matagorda.

Check-in is at 7am-9am for Friday vendors & 4pm to 7pm on Friday or 7am -9am on Saturday for Saturday – Sunday vendors.

Once you have checked in, you may start setting up your space and must be completely set-up by 9am. TRAILERS: If you are selling out of a trailer, you must be here at 7:00 am. At this time, trailer space is limited. Please call Artisan & Crafter Markets for more information. Your prepaid space will be held until 8am. If you are not in your space by that time or if you have not informed us that you are going to be late, we will assume that you are not coming and will resell your space and you will not be entitled to any refund. All spaces must stay open until 4pm Saturday. VIOLATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO A $50 PENALTY. (Exceptions: In the extreme heat of the summer months or severe weather, at the direction of the Market Day Chairman, no vendor will be charged for leaving early). In case of emergency, notify us at 361-314-2ACM(2226). All space rentals are final and non-refundable. Artisan & Crafter Markets does not cancel Market Days or refund any payments.

Please be respectful of other vendors waiting to park and setup for Market Days. Arrive as early as possible, DO NOT SETUP UNTIL A DIRECTOR SPOTS YOU, unload as quickly as possible and move your vehicle immediately. Setup can become a problem without your cooperation. All vehicles MUST be out of the selling area prior to 9am and NO VEHICLES may re-enter the area during Market hours. VIOLATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO A $50 PENALTY.

Artisan & Crafter Markets Officials Reserve The Right To Remove Any Item Judged Unacceptable. Artisan & Crafter Markets Reserves The Right To Limit The Number Of Spaces Of The Same Product. A Digital Photograph Of Your Items Must Be Included With Your Application For Market Days, For Approval. No Alcohol (Opened) Is Allowed In Your Space For Consumption. Any Soliciting Outside Of Your Booth Space Is Not Permitted

Fireworks/explosives of any kind shall not be possessed, sold on the lots or used by vendors, this is a County ordinance.

Do NOT sell knives to anyone under the age of 18. If a knife is sold to anyone under 18, instant removal from the market and all future markets will occur.

There are no sales or giveaways of animals in any form at Artisan & Crafter Markets. Pets that accompany you must be caged or on a leash. A box is not considered a cage. You will be responsible for cleaning up after your own pet(s). At the discretion of Artisan & Crafter Markets, an exception may be given to certified animal shelters and may be allowed to participate at Artisan & Crafter Markets for animal adoption purposes only.

You Will Be Asked To Park In Designated Areas. There Is Reserved Parking For Market Days. You May Not Use Handicap Parking Spaces, Contact Us For Those Needs. Violations Are Subject To A $50 Penalty.
No Vehicles Are Permitted Inside The Market Area During Market Hours. There Are No Exceptions. This Is A Matter Of Public Safety And Subject To A $50 Penalty.

Overnight camping is not allowed unless it has been cleared by Artisan & Crafter Markets.

$50 Penalties will be incurred for:

Leaving Boxes For Us To Breakdown.
Leaving Prior To The Market Closing.
Not Attending Without A 1-Week Prior Notice.
Parking In Public Parking Spaces That Surround Or Are Directly Across The Street From The Market.
Leaving Displays, Zip Ties, Canopies Or Other Trash In Your Space.
Leaving Trash Outside Of Trash Cans.
You Will Not Be Allowed To Vend At Future Shows Until Fee Is Paid.

Food vendors are required to contact the County Environmental Health Department for permits. These permits must be available at your booth.

The deadline for cancelling and getting a booth fee credit for the upcoming month is 12:00 noon on the Friday 1-week before the Market. No booth credit will be given if cancelling after the deadline. Credits are good for the following month only. There are no refunds of any payments.

You must provide your own tables, displays, canopies, and whatever else you may need to exhibit. All canopies MUST be staked/weighted properly and securely. If your canopy dislodges in the wind you will be held responsible for damage to other booths.

Public restroom facilities are available for vendor and customer use.

The vendor retains liability and assumes all risk of loss and/or damage on-site or in connection with transportation, display, storage, and sale of merchandise at Artisan & Crafter Markets.


ANY soliciting outside of your booth space is NOT PERMITTED.

Vendor spaces will be located outdoors and will not be shaded. Please plan accordingly and supply your own tent, tables and chairs. Although electricity is accessible in some areas vendors must supply their own electrical cords, and tape to secure the cords.

Your entire set-up must fit in the designated space. Commercial/Mobile booths will need to fit inside their designated space. If you need additional space you will need to purchase an additional vendor spot.

Vendors are responsible for keeping their area clean during the event and will be responsible for clean-up of their spot after the event. Trash barrels are provided. VIOLATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO A $50 PENALTY.

This is a family-oriented event. Please make sure all persons helping at your booth are acting in a family-friendly manner.

We do not offer exclusivity for any products or services nor do we guarantee you will not be placed near a competitor.

Any booths needing to restock items will need to walk items to their booth. Cars will not be allowed in the vendor area after the designated set-up time. Vendors must be set up and have all personal vehicles removed from the vendor area by the start of the show each day. Vendors who are not set up by the time stated above will lose their spot and forfeit all vendor fees. VIOLATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO A $50 PENALTY.

No early breakdown is allowed. VIOLATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO A $50 PENALTY.

Restroom Facilities
There are either public restrooms and/or porta-potties

If you have a problem during the day, contact the Market Days chairman. In case of a dire emergency, please dial 911.
Artisan & Crafter Markets is not responsible for losses due to inclement weather.

Payments can be expedited and to insure placement the application can be filled out over the phone at 361-314-2ACM(2226). Vendors are responsible for paying their own sales tax.