It all started with a simple box.

About 15 years ago while antique shopping, Anneliese Arnold came across a handcrafted rustic box. She realized everyone could use a decorative box to hold whatever they could imagine.

Thus her business started …..
making rustic boxes, selling them at various markets, and even as an invitee to the Texas State Fair in Dallas. It then expanded into all types of home decor.

She opened a boutique that included her handcrafted home decor, along with the other boutique fare.

Two years ago, Anneliese sold her store to focus on her grandson, but with the wonderful outlet of the Rockport Market Days, she can continue her craft. This market is listed as one of the top in Texas, giving artisans a grand opportunity to show and sell their goods.

Each of her Funky Fish, Garden Angels, Flowers, Lucky Horse Shoes, Small Tables, Signage

( and many other new items to come) are one of a kind handcrafted items. Each one takes a multitude of steps to create, and each one receives its own character as she decides what items to attach, match colors, and designs.

She also makes them in materials that can be used indoor and outdoor making customer’s selections easy.

Thank you for supporting Rockport Market Days ! !

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